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Santovka water

S A N T O V K A    W A T E R

Water from Santovka is a natural, highly mineral, hypotonic water with temperature of 26.7° C and as the only one in Europe it contains carbon dioxide, originating in great depth, hydrogen sulphide of biogenous origin, high content of trace metals and more interestingly also a high sea factor. Unique property of this water is its biological action and ability of minerals to permeate through the skin, which has curative effects on the following ailments:

• movement aparatus
• cardiovascular system
• rheumatic ailments
• allergies

The water has increased concentration of alcalic metals, therapeutically advantageous levels of fluorides, bromides, boron, lithium, strontium and arsenic. Broad indication field allows successful treatment of the following:

• non-inflamatory joints and spine disorders
• post-fracture conditions
• blood pressure disorders
• nervous disorders
• diabetis, obesity, gout, lack of appetite
• skin disorders / psoriasis, eczema.../
• rheumatism, asthma, poisoning, alergies



date: 2016-08-03

Name day of: Jerguš

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